Warning - This article contains explicit images!!! Larry Clark - unapologetic, unorthodox, and now uncensored.

Larry Clark


When does photography become voyeurism? When do we, the onlookers, become voyeurs? The new exhibition at Paris’ Museum of Modern Art forces you to question yourself and, above all, the photographer. The retrospective ‘Kiss the Past Hello’ examines the 40 year career of the US photographer Larry Clark – also a filmmaker best known for the 1995 movie Kids which caused massive scandal for its raw portrayal of teenagers, sex and drugs.


Larry Clark

The exhibition features 200 images focusing on the lives of American teenagers between 1960 and 2010. From skateboarding to punk rock to drugs, firearms, suicide and sex, for four decades 67 year old Clark has made a name for himself for his uncompromising look at what goes on among our youth. In the photos they have sex, explore their bodies and take drugs, often in the most shocking way. In one shot a pregnant woman injects drugs into her arm as she sits half naked on a chair. In another a teenager bends over for a close up of her genitals. Penetration, masturbation, erection after erection - the photographs are addictive, compelling, but also aggressively uncomfortable. And this objection to the extreme graphicness of the photos is something that Paris’ town hall and I agree on. Well, sort of. For the first time in France, they’ve decided to censor the exhibition. If Larry Clark's adolescent subjects showed up in Paris to see his work, they wouldn’t be allowed in because viewings are restricted to the over 18s. It puts Paris's reputation as a home of artistic liberation into question.


Larry Clark

In protest against the age restriction, an explicit shot from the collection was splashed on the front page of the newspaper Libération. It shows a young, naked couple on the back seat of a car, touching each other's private parts. Most people think a warning to parents would have been enough especially considering that all teenagers have easy access on the internet to far more degrading, pornographic images.


Larry Clark

For me though, the censoring is the wrong way round. If anyone should be banned from seeing teenagers involved in sexual activity it’s the adults. Even Larry Clark himself says these photos are for the youngsters involved. We all know what teenagers are getting up to, we’ve all been there, done it and seen it – but the idea of adults being involved and observing these activities, to me, seems wrong.

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plane ol friggin porno LOL!
The noose picture is staged the others were not. I know Clark before he was famous from Lustrum Press NY on West Broadway. In any event France has put all the glory and honor on the" staged" photographer- Ralph Gibson have'nt they? Gibson's work oh so very decoratif & boring .
Quand la fécondité intellectuelle n’est pas au rendez-vous de l’érection L’exhibitionnisme en guise d’art. Les marchands de jeunesse Provoquer et ensuite exploiter la perte de toute dignité humaine est monstrueux. D’autre part, les étreintes amoureuses et l’anatomie humaine sont connues depuis la nuit des temps. Tous ne sont pas conçus dans les éprouvettes, mais certains semble l’oublier ! Larry Clark - Voilà pourquoi les drogues sont des armes chimiques et pourquoi l'occulte maçonnerie est synonyme de la destruction !
Where have you reported from all around the world? where can I see these programmes please? I can't find any links...
Hope this expo comes to London !
Eve, I love your culture show on TV and this is a good overview of the Larry Clark controversy. People can read more facts about his Teenage Lust, Tulsa, and Perfect Childhood projects at Larry Clark's Exhibition 'Kiss the Past Hello' Opens Today in France
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its sick how they have the power to say who and who cant in a free world.
it is a great artist!
Any word on if Mr. Clark is taking his photo tour to America? We would like to see him in San Francisco, and soon preferably :)
Yawn! Another mediocre photographer with a gimmick. Spencer Tunnick is bad enough. Clark is worse. The photos are staged in the most unimaginative way.
"...considering that all teenagers have easy access on the internet to far more degrading, pornographic images." This assumes that such images are "degrading" - they may just as easily be seen as beautiful, natural, and empowering. Sex and sexuality and the human body are not moral issues. They are simply humanistic issues. Not something to be warned about or protected from.
Such a shame and embarassment to censor OR restrict viewership! There is nothing inherently "dirty" or wrong in any of Clark's images. They are merely true to life artistic views of REAL life, and besides human sexuality is not something kids need to be "protected" from. It is real life, and an injustice to prevent them from seeing the art and thinking about hte message. Shame on narrow minds the world over!!!
Absolutely agree with the fact that watching it as an adult is wrong, and watching these private things anyway is sort of useless in my opinion. It seems like he wanted to shock only, withstanding all sense of art, which is the prime reason for going to see an exhibition, at least I thought so until now...

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