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‘Did you know my dad? Have you listened to my album? How old do you think I am?’ As an interviewer, it’s rare I’m asked so many questions but Femi Kuti has a genuine interest in people. He’s engaging, honest and has the composed presence of someone who has lived and seen a lot. At 48 he is Nigeria’s most successful living musician. He has spent decades developing his own brand of his father, Fela Kuti’s, Afrobeat music.



When I meet him he’s waiting in the green room, falling asleep. A long international tour, the new album and the excitement from the Broadway musical ‘Fela!’ – these are interesting but tiring times for the musician. After years in the business his new album Africa for Africa shows he’s still standing up against the authorities through his music. He describes his approach as more diplomatic than that of his father but he still condemns Nigeria as being pretentious and corrupt even in the new era of democracy. Despite that he tells me he’s not interested in running for presidency but thinks music is an effective way of getting his message across. We spend a little over half an hour together in total and his vibe is so positive, calm and likeable that I can’t help but wish we had longer as there is so much more to ask him. His parting thought was this ‘No matter what you have in this life, you’re going to have to let it go.’ Like his father before him though, his music will live on.


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a nigeria proverbs says if a child wash its hands, he can dine with kings. i'm not sure i've quoted it well, but i things Femi Kuti jdid that. i will love to invite him in my country for a concert.

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