A Minute with the author David Nicholls


It was one of my favourite reads of last year. The lovely 'One Day' has just been translated into French and the author David Nicholls joined me on the culture show to talk about the success of the book. Here he shares some of his thoughts....



For me Paris is….


The summer of 2002, which I spent in a tiny flat in Belleville writing my first book.


My first thought when I wake up is.... 


Anxiety about work. Deadlines, reviews, writers block….


If I wasn’t a writer I would be….


A terrible actor. Most of my twenties were spent over-acting in plays. Writing was my escape.


My motto for life is….


I'm not sure I have just one. ‘Work hard’ sounds a little grim. Once it would have been ‘cherish your friends’ but family inevitably seems to take their place.


My main vice is…


Anxiety. Constant worrying even when things are going well.


On my gravestone they will write….


My fear is that it will be ‘Author of One Day.’ I’d like a long and varied career but ‘good father’ is more important.

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J'aime beaucoup... J'aime beaucoup l'écorce d'un arbre qui chante dans la rime d'un chêne infini, j'aime la naturelle voix qui rappelle la jeunesse et une douce émotion. Francesco Sinibaldi
What a great Q&A session, love reading the blog. Would love to get my hands n the book and read it

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