A Minute with Sami Yusuf


His albums sell by the million. He has a huge fan base across the Arab world and Turkey. Sami Yusuf spoke to Eve Jackson in the studio.

One thing my mother taught me....if you want to know somebody, see how they treat the less fortunate.

For me Paris is…. the place for romantics.

My first thought when I wake up….is to check my emails on my Blackberry.

If I wasn’t a musician I would be… someone mediocre. Music is what I know best.

My motto for life is…to love, heal and you will be healed, inspire and be inspired.

My main vice is…. the love of Apple.

On my gravestone they will write…. ‘When you realise we are all the same, the fear barrier is broken.’

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Thank you Eve , it was great interwiev ,really he is so great artist , his music is full of love , Sami is the biggest Spritique star. Thank you brother sami and Eve. WE WILL SUPPORT HIM FOREVERE. God bless him Ali from Iran ,syo family
Thanks :) so glad to know abot :)
Thank you so much dear Eve, for the interview. Lovely questions and beautiful answers:) Sami Yusuf lives with love, always sings about love, the music his composes is full of love, he loves ALL people,... he really is a messenger of love through his beautiful music...
it's his way of thinking which make him so unique and that's why we love him, a great artist with a beautiful heart, he is the kindness itself. wish , you the European media will give him the opportunity to spread his message of love and mutual understanding it's so much needed in Europe nowadays with the increasing of extremism
Brother Sami so so kind, humble and has a pure heart :) Really he's an amazing man :) May God bless, preserve and protect him :)

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