Confessions of a Prairie Bitch


She's best known as portraying the mean and nasty Nellie Olson on the long-running hit series Little House on the Prairie. We loved to hate her. She's spent years proving to the world she's not the meanie she seemed and I can confirm it. In her book 'Confessions of a Prairie Bitch' we get the real story what it was like to be a child star, how she used her role as the ultimate nasty as a kind of therapy for what was going on at home and how life went on after seven years in 'Little House.' A minute with Alison Arngrim.


One thing my mother taught me…. To train myself to sleep ANYWHERE – on planes, trains, standing up…anywhere.


For me Paris is….Like another room in my house! The one I go to when I’m sick of Los Angeles.

My first thought when I wake up….Oh no! Just five more minutes.

If I wasn’t a writer I would be…a stewardess or a bartender or a psychologist – I like taking care of people and listening to their problems.

My motto for life is…. “any day above ground is a good day.”


My main vice is…. Chocolate…and sloth. I’m the hardest working lazy person I know.


On my gravestone they will write….”Finally! We thought she’d never shut up!”


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