Dance Music's Mr Nice


He was probably the most important dance music figure of the '90s. Moby’s album 'Play' became the best-selling electro album ever. Just listening to those tunes transports me back to another time when Danny Boyle’s The Beach was coming out (Porcelain was the song of the film) and when my university friends and I all were asking ourselves and each other ‘Why Does my Heart Feel so bad?’ It was another era when dance music was played in clubs and the makers were anonymous. Moby changed that. He redefined this music style and brought electro into the mainstream. He also gave a face to the genre, a face that at 45 has not changed.



Always the mellow-natured, down to earth superstar – he was loved by the masses but irritated the snooty critics and the likes of fame haters like Eminem. He didn’t want makeup for the interview or any fuss - he was super nice, seeming genuinely interested as he asked me about France 24 and the previous guests I’ve had on the show and who I had coming up. When I asked him about his ‘niceness’ he said he has little perspective of himself but if that was the case it’s because he became famous later in life. He also compared his ability to rub people up the wrong way with Bart Simpson’s sister Lisa’s ‘nerd sweat’ which attracted bullies in the playground. It’s a chemical thing that doesn’t make any sense. Moby seems like a normal bloke, but he is a bloke who’s sold more than 20 million albums, is known by an entire generation and lives in Marlon Brando's old house. Catch the full interview on France 24 on Thursday 7th July at 17:15 when we talk religion, midlife crisis and how he’s stayed fresh and relevant in a genre that has moved and developed so quickly. His new album is called Destroyed.

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