Meeting the Jazz legend Herbie Hancock


What song influenced you the most?

Not a particular song but many composers and orchestrators from various styles of music influenced me:
a. Stravinski - Sacre Du Printemps
b. Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe
c. James Brown - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
d. Sly Stone - Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
e. Miles Davis with Gil Evans - albums: Miles Ahead (with Gil Evans), Kind Of Blue
f. Weather Report - band: Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul
g. Oscar Peterson, Horace Silver, Chris Anderson, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner
h. Ray Charles - Georgia

What is your favorite song/favorite artist today?

a. Wayne Shorter's current music - small group and orchestral music
b. Joni Mitchell
c. Danilo Perez - pianist with Wayne Shorter's band
d. Esperanza Spaulding - Chamber Music Society

You say Chris Anderson is a mentor you wanted to have as soon as you heard him. What is the song you heard from him that made you say this?
Don't Follow The Crowd, and other ballads

Who would you like to most collaborate with today?
Rappers, poets, and electronic musicians from various cultures and the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Gustavo Dudamel

Which is Miles Davis' most important piece?

Each one that came from his heart. In other words, all of them

What is your most precious memory of him?

During one of our best concerts I played a very wrong chord at the peak of one of his solos. He didn't judge it. He took a breath and played some notes that made my chord right.

What Herbie Hancock's interview with Eve Jackson here....

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Thanks for your comment - sorry you missed it but here's the link to the show we did earlier in the year in May with Axelle Red!
I like Herbie, but I just can not believe that you devote all this time and space to him and give nothing to Axelle Red (a.k.a. Fabienne Demal) a very good musician and a truly great human being who went to Africa to try to end the mutilation of women, making the sort of protest that you and I think of on the way downstairs, but never do.eprit d'escalier that never gets heard, in large part because we lack the nerve; we act like sheep, you and I, and she stands up to make our world better, and stands up where it counts, where the problem is. Her music really great and if you had listened to A Tatons or her latest album she could not have missed your year in music review. Unless you think a woman who is 43 is "past it". That would rule out Arudhati Roy also I think. Gee, is is so sad to see the young beasts push the old out to die. (hee,hee, there is a 12 year old practicing for your job).

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