France 24’s Culture Editor Eve Jackson is an award winning journalist specialising in film, music, literature, theatre, art and everything in between in the world of culture. She’s reported from all over the world but in this blog she gives you a glimpse of what she sees here in the city of light – on and off the radar in Paris.

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Culture in Copenhagen

The country’s most famous exports are Lego and Carlsberg....but aside from that Copenhagen is becoming one of the coolest cities in Europe... Eve Jackson spent 24 hours in Copenhagen.
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Funny, extravagant, brainy and moving - the two time Booker prize winner Peter Carey meets Eve Jackson

He's won the Booker Prize twice as well as a string of other important literary prizes. He's one of Australia's most acclaimed writers - a magician with language. Culture meets Peter Carey.

Britain's 'poete maudit.'

He's been called the nearest thing that British poetry has to a major confessional poet, or a genuine poete maudit. His latest book is called 'Blue Days: The Sailor's Return.' The award winning poet and critic himself - meet Alan Jenkins.
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Not your average indie-rock band

Meet the band who've played a mental institution, a prison, a ship, the streets of Paris and now on France 24. Moriarty join Eve Jackson in the studio.
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The Joy Formidable

She's rock's new heroine - the lead singer of the Welsh band, The Joy Formidable speaks to Eve Jackson. A minute with Ritzy Bryan.

Eating and Drinking with an Expert.

Food and wine tips with a man once described as "one of the greatest wine writers on the planet." Meet Michael Steinberger.

The Phoenix Foundation's 4th album breaks into Europe.....

Their album is already tipped to be among the best of 2011. If you're looking for something to get rid of your winter blues this could be it. Meet The Phoenix Foundation.

A Minute with Adam Harrison from The Boxer Rebellion....

They made history when their last album became the first self-released album to break into the US top one hundred. Since then, they've starred in a Hollywood film and have released a third record. Meet The Boxer Rebellion.

Draught beer, porta-loos and mini-skirts. This is Shakespeare with a Twist.

If you’re in Paris this week one of the best things in town is Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ – 80s style. It’s on at the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord until 12th February. Watch out though – it's in French!
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A Minute with the author David Nicholls

Men and women are raving about it. It was the best selling book in Britain last year. The film is out in September. Let's spend a minute with the author of 'One Day,' David Nicholls...
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Has the demon dog been tamed?

James Ellroy is an interviewee to be feared. Profanities and walking out are frequent. He stopped off at France 24 to talk about his book, The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women. He told Eve Jackson that the pursuit was finally over.
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The Green Hornet: Michel Gondry's Superhero Surprise

You probably know Michel Gondry best for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and "Be Kind, Rewind". His latest directorial offering is the superhero movie "The Green Hornet" - we caught up with him on his recent trip to Paris.

Africa for Africa

Eve Jackson talks politics, art and the state of society with the Nigerian singer Femi Kuti.
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Horse Theatre

When I told a friend visiting from the UK we were going to see ‘horse theatre,’ she clearly thought I was making it up. There were jokes about tutus and visions of a sort of ‘Moulin Rouge equestrian show.’
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Cher Genius

Is the new film Burlesque cheesy? Check. Full of clichés? Check. Is it going to make you go out immediately and buy a pair of suspenders and the highest heels you can find (men and women)? Double check.

French cuisine: it’s loved, it’s praised, it’s unrivalled (this is what the French tell us anyhow) and now it has Unesco status

This week the UN’s cultural body enshrined the “gastronomic meal of the French” as part of the “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” OK, great. But what does it mean (if anything )?
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1973 - Bye Bye Cellphone

1973 - a French trio that have broken away from the electric sounds of synth heavy pop we’ve all got used to here in Paris.

Dance Africa Dance: What I Learned.

A 7 day festival in Bamako in Mali. When I first heard of it I had to google map it. It’s the most important dance festival in Africa with hundreds of dancers from all around the continent. This is what I learned.

Warning - This article contains explicit images!!! Larry Clark - unapologetic, unorthodox, and now uncensored.

When does photography become voyeurism? When do we, the onlookers, become voyeurs? The new Larry Clark exhibition at Paris’ Museum of Modern Art forces you to question yourself and, above all, the photographer.
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Culture Fix

Culture tips for the week
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